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The Jemtech Advanced Fluid Management solution improves efficiency and saves money.

Well managed metal working fluids are a genuine Investment that will release the full potential of your machine tools. Jemtech will work with you to achieve significant productivity gains by utilising the products of its key, long-standing, partners: Blaser Swisslube, HFiltration and its own inhouse Jemtech Fluid Analytics software.

Whether it is metal working, fluid management or mist extraction, Jemtech has the solution to significantly improve your current situation, saving you time and money in the process.

Our fluid management products & systems will support you in environmental improvement and waste coolant disposal. As your partner for advanced fluid management, Jemtech will deliver increased productivity by managing your cutting fluid use, performance and analytics, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business more profitably.


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Vasco 601 delivers pioneering performance and precision

For machine shops seeking the utmost in precision, consistency, and value from their cutting operations, Jemtech has an exciting new solution in stock – the Vasco 601 metalworking fluid.

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Blasocut 201: Engineered Nature for a Cutting-Edge Finish

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Stay compliant with Jemtech’s HSE solutions package

Jemtech’s CleanMist range of oil mist collectors are the ideal LEV solution. The CleanMist is specifically designed to efficiently extract oil mist, keeping your operators safe and your business LEV compliant.

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Stay Ahead of LEV Legislation Inspections with Jemtech

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is cracking down on hazardous workplace exposures, starting this October. Employers must take systematic action to protect employees from dangerous dusts, fumes, mists, vapours, and gases.

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The best grinding oils with Jemtech and Blaser

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Accelerate production with Jemtech’s B-Cool Range

Formulated with an unwavering commitment to quality, these cutting oils deliver remarkable results across a wide variety of machining applications.

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Keep Your Facility Running Smoothly with Jemtech Industrial…

Maintaining a clean, safe workspace is a must in industrial settings. Jemtech offers a range of powerful heavy-duty industrial vacuums to help you effectively manage liquids, metal chips, and other messy workshop byproducts.

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Keep your mist extraction systems in top shape…

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Jemtech’s outstanding range of neat cutting oils

Jemtech offers a range of neat cutting oils from Blaser, guaranteeing the best fluid performance money can buy, with oils for every need and performance point.

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New cutting fluid announced for automotive machining.

B-Cool Motec 501 by Blaser, is a brand new, water-miscible coolant that has been specifically developed for automotive metal cutting applications.

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Fluid management service

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Welcome Jack, our latest apprenticeship success!

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Auto Fill Plus, the new standard in coolant…

Jemtech have drawn on decades of experience and expertise and used this knowledge to create their latest innovation, the new Autofill Plus

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Cleaning up metal workshops with the best prices

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25 years of Blaser in the UK

Jemtech is proud to have been the exclusive supplier of Blaser Swisslube products in the UK for 25 years!

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Next Gen fluid management announced

Jemtech have drawn on decades of experience and expertise and used this knowledge to create their latest innovation, the new Autofill Plus

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The powerful and spacious 130P industrial vacuum

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Oracle Auto Fill launches

Jemtech has recently launched an addition to the Oracle fluid management portfolio.

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Jemtech MTDCNC story

Mark Deadman from MTDCNC recently visited manufacturing subcontractor Techno Group to speak to Operations Director Adam Land about the company’s recent investments, including products supplied by Jemtech.

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Jemtech to move into new headquarters

Jemtech Fluid Management for CNC

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lower production costs

Improved machine availability
facilitates better production planning
and enables significant cost
reduction for our customers.


less rejects

Our customer profits from less
process and quality fluctuations
and visibly better workpiece
surface finish.


lower cutting fluid costs

The right Blaser cutting fluid costs
only about 0.5% of production costs
per workpiece – but reduces up to
99.5% of our customer’s production

Cutting Oils

Exceptionally high performance Blaser cutting oils

Jemtech advanced fluid management
Jemtech Fluid Management for CNC

Fluid Management

The intelligent and automated
fluid management system designed for your cutting fluid of choice

H-Filtration CNC air filters

Air Filtration

Air purification filters from CNC to full factory solutions

Jemtech advanced fluid management

Industrial Vacuums

Coolant / neat oil industrial vacuum range