Blaser cutting fluids 25 year

25 Years as market leaders!

Jemtech is proud to have been the exclusive supplier of Blaser Swisslube products in the UK for 25 years! Blaser products are industry leading and designed to improve output and reduce waste. Jemtech is the only supplier of Blaser in the UK, and we deliver an outstanding service to go alongside Blaser’s outstanding product – a winning combination!

Who Are Blaser Swisslube?

Blaser Swisslube provide industry leading products for industrial use. With an emphasis on the environment, their fluids are both human and environmentally focused.

Manufacturing for over 80 years, Blaser is widely recognised as the cream of the crop when it comes to industrial fluids. Blaser products will cut your costs and improve output, guaranteed. Although Blaser may cost more per barrel than other cutting fluids, customers see an average of a 72% reduction in fluid costs when switching to Blaser. That’s because you need less lubrication per application, and it lasts longer too. Using Blaser will also reduce your waste – on average, our customers report 80% less rejected parts, due to the increase in tooling lifespan from Blaser products. That’s why Blaser is worth every penny.

Blaser cutting fluids
Blaser tech support centre

High quality products for every metal working application

Blaser produce metal working fluids for precision engineering, and Blaser’s world-class engineering facilities mean that they have perfected a wide range of products for every industrial application.

Blaser cutting fluid

Neat Cutting Oils

  • Chlorine and heavy metal free
  • No machine corrosion
  • Less foam, faster air release
  • High flash point
  • Better surface quality
  • Increased tool lifetime
Blaser cutting fluid

Water-Miscible Coolants

  • Excellent human and environmental compatibility
  • Optimal cooling and lubrication
  • Market leading machining and grinding performance
  • Minimal consumption
  • Outstandingly good flushing and cleaning
  • High long-term stability and robustness
  • Optimal rejection of foreign oil
  • Optimal machine compatibility
Blaser cutting fluid

Grinding Oils

  • Low misting
  • High flashpoint
  • Excellent machine compatibility
  • Excellent human compatibility
  • Excellent grinding performance
Blaser cutting fluid

Minimal Quantity Lubricants

  • No Residue
  • Suitable for Aluminium and Titanium
  • Wide Variety of Applications
  • Aerospace Approved

With such a wide range of cutting fluids available, you can trust Jemtech to help you find the right Blaser product for your application.

Try The Blaser Challenge!

Jemtech proudly offers the “Blaser Challenge” – where Jemtech engineers will come and do an on-site assessment for your business. We will then carry out controlled testing and write up a bespoke report detailing the results – and how much better off you could be if you switch to Blaser. All of this is offered on a no-gain, no-win basis – if our testing shows there is nothing to be gained from Blaser products, there is nothing to pay! That’s how confident we are, and how confident you can be, in Blaser. Simply contact us to arrange a Blaser Challenge for your business!

Contact us to arrange a visit from the Jemtech staff and see what Blaser can bring to your business. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest developments