B-Cool mineral based cutting fluid

Accelerate production with Jemtech’s B-Cool Range.

At Jemtech, we are proud to offer our water-miscible B-Cool range of high-performance cutting fluids from Blaser Swisslube. Formulated with an unwavering commitment to quality, these cutting oils deliver remarkable results across a wide variety of machining applications. As Blaser’s trusted partner for over 25 years, Jemtech provides businesses with the best cutting fluids you can buy to boost workshop productivity.

Better stability and performance with B-cool

B-Cool is specially designed for versatility, efficiency, and value. The mineral oil-based fluid offers excellent stability for long sump life and low disposal costs. With low foaming in both hard and soft water, B-Cool provide smooth performance during machining operations. It is also formulated for high speeds and pressures, making it ideal for demanding machining tasks. B-Cool also provides corrosion protection and lasts longer, thanks to needing a smaller amount of fluid for the same result, leading to reduced machining costs. With B-Cool, you can tackle your toughest jobs with confidence.

Blaser cutting fluid
B-Cool Motec 501

The new B-Cool Motec 501

The latest addition to the B-Cool range is B-Cool Motec 501, created specifically for automotive metal cutting. This innovative fluid delivers incredible stability for cleaner machines and longer tool life. It has lower consumption, leading to cost savings of up to 21% for your business. B-Cool Motec 501 contains no chlorine, heavy metals, boron, or glycol ethers, making it a high-performance and safe cutting fluid. It also has excellent rinse behaviour to keep machines cleaner during use. With universal applicability, B-Cool Motec 501 allows for extended tool life across a wide range of machining applications. B-Cool Motec 501 sets a new benchmark for performance, safety, and efficiency.

Better cutting with Jemtech

For the best water miscible cutting fluids on the market, look no further than Jemtech. As Blaser’s trusted partner for over 25 years, our expertise ensures you get the right fluid for your needs. Contact us today to learn more and keep your machining operations running cool.

If you’re interested in our range of B-Cool fluids, get in touch with us today. Our experts are always available to help you find the right fluids for your workshop. Contact us and talk to one of our cutting fluid experts today.

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