Jemtech to showcase best-selling Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids and state-of-the-art  Oracle fluid management systems on its stand at MACH 2018 (Hall 20 Stand 540).

Jemtech UK, the exclusive distributor of Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids in the UK and Ireland, and supplier of Oracle advanced fluid management systems, is on a mission at this year’s MACH exhibition.

The mission, quite simply, is to raise the profile and stress the importance of metalworking fluids in the machining process, demonstrate how the correct choice and maintenance of metalworking fluids can have a positive, and often, dramatic impact on tool life, cycle time reduction, component accuracies and surface finishes, fluid consumption rates (and hence costs), and the health and well being of machine operators.

To help achieve these objectives Jemtech has focused its attention (for the purposes of MACH) on one specific metalworking fluid from Blaser Swisslube’s extensive product portfolio.

The metalworking fluid selected to spearhead Jemtech’s MACH campaign is Vasco 7000 – a vegetable ester-based fluid specifically designed to machine exotic and difficult-to-machine materials that include titanium, Inconel and stainless steels.

Says Steve Coull, CEO at Jemtech:

“Vasco 7000 is popular with component manufacturing companies, from OEMs and Tier 1 organisations through to precision subcontractors.

“It’s one of our best-selling metalworking fluids and is endorsed by market leaders in the aerospace, medical and motorsport sectors. It’s also the preferred cutting fluid for a growing number of machine tool builders and technology suppliers (i.e. DMG MORI, Citizen Machinery, Geo Kingsbury, Grob, ROMI, Sandvik Coromant, Fanuc, Nikken Innovation Centre Europe, Iscar UK etc.

A key element of Jemtech’s promotion is to challenge component manufacturers’ perceptions of metalworking fluids and to assess the performance they get from the fluids they currently use.

Continues Steve Coull:

“For some manufacturers, metalworking fluids are perceived as a ‘necessary evil’, and can result in  decisions being made on the purchase price of a drum of fluid.
“However, whilst cost is clearly an important issue and is often motivating factor it doesn’t tell the whole picture – certainly when it comes to process optimisation.”

To help manufacturers adopt a more strategic approach to their selection and use of metalworking fluids, Jemtech provides a technical consultancy service called Liquid Tool Analysis (LTA).

Working in conjunction with a customer, Jemtech engineers will analyse a machining process paying special attention to the performance of the metalworking fluid and its impact on a number of KPI’s i.e. tool life, component accuracy and surface finishes, scrap rates, machine downtime etc.

Any weaknesses or areas for improvement will be documented and highlighted with Jemtech engineers, (as part of the LTA consultancy process), recommending a number of possible ‘ways forward’ to ensure that the process in question is made more secure and reliable.

Oracle Fluid Management Systems

Whilst the selection of the correct metalworking fluid is important in every machining process where cutting fluids are used, an equally important issue is effective fluid management.

In July 2016 Oracle fluid management systems were introduced into the UK to wide acclaim. Since the launch, take-up of Oracle fluid management systems has been nothing short of impressive and its growing customer base comprises a growing number of market-leading companies operating in the aerospace, motorsport and hydraulic pump sectors.

Against this successful backdrop it is not surprising that Oracle Fluid management systems are being exhibited, for the first time, at a MACH Show.

Oracle fluid management systems when integrated with a machine tool or machine tools, automatically monitor the condition of the metalworking fluid in the machine’s sump.

Using sophisticated sensor technology and intelligent software an Oracle unit is able to monitor the volume, pH and concentration levels. If any fall below their specified recommended levels – Oracle intervenes and automatically corrects the problem.

The end result for component manufacturers is complete confidence that their metalworking fluids are always in tip-top condition…are performing as expected…and that their machining processes are secure.

But the advantages of an Oracle fluid management system do not start and end with the automatic rectification of the metalworking fluid’s volume, pH and concentration levels in the machine tool’s sump.

Explains Steve Coull:

“As mentioned, an Oracle system not only monitors (in real time) the condition of metalworking  fluids in the sump, it also records and stores data on any and all interventions made, and provides manufacturers with an accurate and continuous record of ‘what’s going on’ in the machine tool’s sump at any given time.

“This data is stored (securely) in the Cloud and can be accessed by managers to review their process performance and identify weaknesses, pinch points etc.

“Oracle fluid management systems appeal to component manufacturers committed to process optimisation and continuous improvement.”

In addition to Blaser Swisslube (Vasco 7000), LiquidTool Analysis and Oracle fluid management systems being promoted at MACH – Jemtech engineers will also be on hand to talk to customers about other products in the Jemtech portfolio that includes the range of high-efficiency CleanMist extraction systems available from the company as well as new water purification products and services offered in conjunction with Technical Partner, Fluid Science Ltd…a leading water treatment company.