During the DMG MORI UK 2019 open house event at its technical centre in Coventry, Mark Deadman of MTD CNC caught up with Jemtech Area Manager, Gary Smith to talk about how Jemtech’s offering stretches well beyond its historical reputation as the UK supplier of Blaser Swisslube.

Watch Gary Smith’s interview with MTD CNC

For those that don’t already know, MTD CNC is the UK’s leading provider of machine tool, accessory and tooling news. Their ongoing #swarfandchips video coverage is an unbiased resource, contributing extensive engineering sector knowledge on a regular basis. The ideal platform then for Jemtech to expand its reach and increase awareness within the industry.

In the interview Mark, Gary explains how Blaser Swisslube is only one of three focused offerings under the Jemtech brand:

“Jemtech are known to be the UK agent for Blaser Swisslube, we’ve been that for over 20 years now, but more importantly, in our portfolio we have other products. One is the Oracle cooling management system and we are also the UK agent for HFiltration.”

Oracle – An automated system for better fluid management

The Oracle is a fully automated solution that measures the coolant concentration and pH before adjusting the top-up values to keep the coolant within a pre-determined tolerance.

The Oracle provides Jemtech and its customers with extensive data on a wide range of coolants, machine tools and applications. The data recorded conveniently guides the end-user’s preventative maintenance programs for safer, more efficient working environments. The Oracle is a true revolution in fluid management. In the video, Gary explains its core use:

“The [Oracle] system is designed to control, monitor and report back the condition of the coolant… it keeps the coolant stable, it keeps everything at the desired concentration and if you’re looking for process security, tool life to be perfect, no tool breakages [and] to run over the weekend unmanned, then the Oracle is the perfect system for you.”

HFiltration – extracting mist for cleaner working environments

Gary also takes the opportunity to talk about HFiltration, an Italian manufacturer of mist extraction systems Jemtech currently install and maintain the entire range of these solutions as part of its core offerings. HFiltration’s focused oil mist technological applications benefit users with a better cost-in-use and greater efficiencies when compared to market competitor systems.

The HFiltration product range covers centrifugal compact filters; modular filters for centralised systems, ideal for working with emulsions; and coalescence filters for heavy mechanical processes which use oil and generate smoke.