B-Cool 9665 the latest semi-synthetic cutting fluid is fully adaptable to the UK’s variable water quality water-soluble, while providing an ideal medium for the machining of stainless steel, steel alloys and titanium components.

The latest development in the Blaser Swisslube range of semi-synthetic cutting fluids, B-Cool 9665 provides outstanding performance when machining stainless steel, alloy steels and titanium (milling in particular). Of particular interest to customers in the UK, where water hardness can vary dramatically, is that B-Cool 9665 operates extremely well when mixed with hard or soft water. It is extremely stable in hard water while is highly resistant to foaming in soft water and is officially classified as a ‘low foam’ product. It also has very good rinsing properties, which helps to reduce costs due to the lower top up rates required.

Steve Coull, Jemtech’s Managing Director says, “B-Cool 9665 is specifically formulated to offer extreme performance when machining materials traditionally difficult to cut, the objective of B-Cool 9665 is to extend cutting tool life, however great gains are achieved with lower cycle times by improving cutting data such as increased depth of cut, higher surface speeds along with increased tooth loading. Given the drive for lower costs within the manufacturing sector B-Cool 9665 is now a major tool to drive up productivity, sometimes overlooked, the cutting fluid can release the full potential of the cutting and machine tools” Steve adds “some customers are extremely cautious when tapping exotic materials, when in reality the damage has already been done by the tapping drill, the lack of lubrication and cooling effect results in a “work hardened” tapper to the bottom of the hole, this when being tapped proves very problematic as the tap, which is designed for a certain material has to cope with material that has in effect had it’s structure changed, breaking a tap at worse or having to tap off line are both extremely expensive additions to the component cost”.

The microbiological stability of B-Cool 9665, which is among the best of the entire Blaser Swisslube range, also means that it is ideal for use in ‘dirty’ working environment or, where it is difficult to effectively clean the machine coolant sump, due to access issues or ‘dead ends’ in the machine’s coolant system.

“B-Cool 9665 is yet another example of how Blaser continues to invest in research and development to create products that are good for the environment and good for the bottom line of those companies using them,” says Steve Coull, Managing Director of Jemtech (UK), the distributor of Blaser products in the UK and Ireland. “B-Cool 9665 will improve performance on tough to machine materials and the fact that it works extremely well in all water conditions will reduce the labour cost required for maintenance and service of coolant systems.”