Running out of cutting fluid is frustrating, expensive and detrimental to your business. A simple, low cost, and effective solution to this problem from Jemtech (UK) is the Blaser Swisslube Drum Level Indicator.

The Drum Level Indicator gives users an instant, visual, reading of the level of cutting fluid concentrate in the drum. The ability to visually check concentrate level on a regular basis means that consumption can be monitored quickly and easily, allowing new concentrate to be ordered in sufficient time.

Taking less than a minute to install the Blaser Swisslube Drum Level Indicator is screwed to the top of the drum with a simple float mechanism transferring the level of fluid to the easily readable dial gauge. Having this instant indication of concentrate levels can save hundreds of pounds in lost production time, and eliminates the risk of machine damage if coolant strength is weakened by low or zero concentrate levels.

“Sometimes the simple solutions are the best and that is definitely the case for the Drum Level Indicator, which provides a simple, low-cost solution to avoid the problems associated with running out of cutting fluid concentrate,” says Alan Dalton, Technical Director, Jemtech (UK).