With the launch of Blasocut GR 50, Blaser Swisslube is building on its already impressive reputation in the field of metalworking fluids for grinding applications. Blasocut GR 50 takes the best from existing emulsion and mineral oil-free products to create a water miscible fluid that provides optimum performance across a wide range of grinding applications.

Available in the UK and Ireland through Blaser Swisslube’s long standing distributor, Jemtech (UK), Blasocut GR 50 is part of the company’s Bio-concept range that excludes the use of biocides, chlorine and boron, making it extremely user-friendly. While the safe use of metalworking fluids is paramount, their performance is also key and here Blaser Swisslube has developed Blasocut GR 50 to be extremely low foaming across a wide range of water hardness conditions. In addition, the fluid’s lubricity and ability to withstand heavy-duty grinding operations leads to long sump life, with low consumption and top up rates as well as reduced grinding wheel wear.

“The ‘G Ratio’ achievable with Blasocut GR 50 is extremely attractive, this is the relationship between the amount of material (stock) being removed and the wheel wear, extensive tests have shown that the wheel wear is dramatically reduced and dressing frequencies are extended by as much as 100%. With Blasocut GR 50, we are finding that feedrates can be increased, as can step over and depth of cut values without compromising the surface finish quality. This product is ideal for heat sensitive materials, as early indications are, that the ground face remains cool and shows no signs of burning, surface cracks, chatter or wheel bounce, this is possible due to the washing action of the GR 50 fluid, keeping the grinding wheel free from being clogged with ground material”. Explained Steve Coull, Jemtech’s CEO.

“Grinding is viewed by some as a black art, the art being the ability to resolve issues as they arise, Blasocut GR 50 assists by dispelling the issues before they appear and possibly manifesting into problems whilst at the same time generating productivity gains by lower cycle times” Steve continued.

Other advantages of Blasocut GR 50 come about from its zero percent mineral oil content, which leaves both the machine tool and ground components free of any oil residues, while protecting parts with a thin anti-corrosive coating.  It is also extremely biologically and pH-stable making it suitable for central coolant systems, as well as stand-alone machine. Blasocut GR 50 is available is available in 25 litre cans, 205 litre drums and 1000 litre bulk containers, making it accessible to all sizes of business.

“Blasocut GR 50 is a strategic development within the Blaser grinding range of metalworking fluids, and will deliver distinct productivity gains for grinding applications involving steel, cast iron, titanium and Inconel components. With its broad application range it is suitable to be used across the grinding capacity of most customers, which will reduce the need for multiple metalworking fluids to be stocked, saving time and money,” says Steve Coull.