Engineered Nature for a Cutting-Edge Finish

We’re thrilled to bring to our customers the pinnacle of coolant technology! At Jemtech, our passion has always been to introduce innovations that provide our partners in the manufacturing sector with enhanced performance, efficiency, and safety. Continuing in that tradition, we are proud to unveil the latest in our product line – Blasocut 201 from Blaser Swisslube.

Why Blasocut 201?

Prioritising safety and savings: The modern manufacturing industry consistently emphasises workplace safety and cost-effectiveness. Blasocut 201 emerges as a beacon in this regard, earning its badge as one of the safest products out there. It is meticulously engineered to prioritise both top-notch performance and the wellbeing of the workforce.

Cooling and lubrication: Known for their unparalleled standards, Blaser’s latest offering guarantees exceptional cooling and lubrication performance. Particularly formulated for general machining, Blasocut 201 also proves its mettle in grinding operations involving cast iron, steel, and aluminium alloys.

Revolutionary bio-concept technology: One of the standout features of Blasocut 201 is its pioneering bio-concept technology. This means an end to the tedious dip slide testing for bacteria growth in the metalworking fluid, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Enhanced workshop ambience: Containing up to 46% mineral oil, Blasocut 201 not only ensures machines operate at their peak, but also contributes to a cleaner workshop environment. This dual benefit means a significant reduction in maintenance downtimes.

Optimal cost savings: Every penny saved is a penny earned! With Blasocut 201, reap the financial benefits stemming from reduced manpower hours allocated for fluid management and dip-sliding. Experience longer tool life, impeccable surface finishes, and reduced consumption due to its unmatched lubricity and minimal drag-out attributes. The outcome? Elevated productivity and decreased processing expenditure.

For over 25 years, Jemtech has been the go-to choice for numerous industrial enterprises across the UK, seeking top-tier grinding oils. Our collaboration with Blaser products stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

Considering an upgrade to your coolant system? Make Blasocut 201 your choice. Discover the full range of our Blasocut offerings here.

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Experience the evolution with Blasocut 201. Crafted by nature. Engineered for excellence.