Industrial vacuum offer 2023

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Reducing downtime and costs has never been more important, with this in mind Jemtech have developed a complete line of cost-effective, yet powerful industrial vacuums to tackle the most demanding metal working machinery clean ups.
Specifically designed for the fast removal of swarf, chips and fluids, to keep your machinery in optimum condition. The Jemtech vacuums are fitted with powerful motors to clean more in less time and higher storage capacity to maintain a continuous clean, all for the industries best prices, guaranteed!

*Monthly financial subject to minimum purchase on selective models, please ask for details

2023 vacuum offer
Industrial vacuums

Coolant / Neat Oil Industrial Vacuum Range

Our range of industrial vacuums, with capacities between 60 to 500 litres, have the ability to suck and blow simultaneously, filtering the fluid instantly of swarf.

IOV100 Industrial vacuum

IOV100 – IOV100P Vacuum

Ideal for engineering workshops, IOV 100 has a 60 litre capacity and is available with an independent discharge pump

IOV130 vacuum

IOV130 – IOV130P Vacuum

With a tank capacity of up to 130 litres, the ability for simultaneous suction and discharge of fluids and a easily removable tank, the IOV 130P is perfect for a wide range of applications.

IOV200 indtustrial vacuum

Grinding Oils

Liquid capacity of up to 200 litres. A powerful, compact and mobile vacuum cleaner for mechanical use. Suitable for the extraction and recovery of liquids, oil and emulsions, whether or not mixed with metal chips, dust or sludge.

IOV300 industrial vacuum

IOV300 Industrial Vacuum

The IOV 300 provides great performance in continuous heavy duty operations resulting in market leading coolant recovery.

The 300 is capable of recovering large quantities of dense oil, swarf and sludge.

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