Oracle fluid management

The demand for unmanned production methods has never been so critical, as the British manufacturing industry moves to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions, Jemtech have already developed a series of remote management solutions to support CNC machining businesses.

Maintaining cutting fluid concentration, pH, conductivity, temperature, consumption, and sump levels have always been of key importance, but requires regular downtime to manually check each machine.

The Oracle industry 4.0 systems constantly monitor and can make micro changes automatically or by engineers accessing remotely using the Jemtech data hub software installed on any mobile device or computer.

The impact on health, downtime and running costs are significant and can be utilised on single, dual and even central sump systems, adding a whole new level of stability and efficiency to any CNC operation.

For single CNC machines, we recommend our Droplet advanced fluid monitoring system, a cost-effective package designed to automatically analyse and report fluid stability, reducing maintenance downtime; for most customers, the ability to control concentration and sump levels is a huge benefit and chose Oracle to monitor and manage their operations.

For complete flexibility, Jemtech have introduced the Oracle DS – Dual Sump and Oracle CS Central Sump systems for management of larger multi-machine operations, which significantly improves efficiency, accuracy and helps maintain industry 4.0 standards.

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