Blaser B-Cool 755 from Jemtech

Cutting time with the B-Cool 755 cutting fluid

If you are looking to increase tool life, improve part quality and reduce operating costs, Jemtech proudly offers Blaser Swisslube’s advanced B-Cool 755, a mineral-oil based, metalworking fluid that is water-miscible, and completely chlorine-free.

Originally developed for aluminium and aluminium alloys, this fluid has proven incredibly versatile. B-Cool 755 delivers increased tool life not just on aluminium components, but also when machining difficult alloys such as titanium.

Usually, aluminium and titanium will require opposite machining strategies, but B-Cool 755 performs excellently on both material groups. This cutting fluid provides the benefits of extended tool life, improved surface finishes, and unbeatable performance when machining either aluminium alloys or the notoriously tricky titanium.

Game-changing all-rounder

B-Cool 755 is truly considered to be an all-rounder cutting fluid, as it offers a number of compelling benefits:

Blaser B-Cool 755 from Jemtech
Blaser B-Cool 755 from Jemtech

Exceptional anti-corrosion properties protect your equipment

B-Cool 755 contains robust anti-corrosion additives that prevent rust and corrosion on machine components and workpieces. This helps extend the life of your costly equipment and avoids rework from corrosion damage on parts.

Extended sump life minimises machine downtime

With its biostable formula and low carry-off, B-Cool 755 can run for extremely long periods before requiring a sump change. Less frequent sump maintenance means less disruptive downtime for your machines.

Outstanding rinsing action enhances cleanliness

The advanced formulation of B-Cool 755 provides superior rinse qualities compared to conventional fluids. Chips and fines are rapidly flushed away from the cutting zone for a cleaner machine area and higher quality surface finishes.

Available in multiple convenient sizes

B-Cool 755 is available in sizes of 25, 200 and 1,000 litres, leaving enough to work on a single machine or a large central system. This versatility makes it easy to implement in any metalworking operation.

By providing superior corrosion inhibition, outstanding rinsing, minimal maintenance, and flexible packaging, B-Cool 755 demonstrates its innovation advantage. This high-tech fluid delivers powerful performance benefits throughout the metalworking process.

Partnering for success

Jemtech is committed to helping businesses achieve productivity gains, lower costs, and a safer working environment through the optimal use of metalworking fluids like B-Cool 755. The team offers free initial site surveys and an expert team to manage and maintain these fluids.

By partnering with Jemtech, manufacturers can ensure their metalworking fluids deliver maximum benefits. Their employees can focus on the manufacturing process rather than tending to coolant, while businesses achieve cost advantages through greater efficiency.

Lose the maintenance headaches, reduce costs, and experience a productivity boost by making the switch to B-Cool 755 today!

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