Former MTC Technician Apprentice, Robert Foster, takes up new position as Oracle™ Service & Development Engineer at Jemtech UK.

In 2014, Robert Foster, Apprentice Technician at the MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre) Coventry, began initial work on Oracle™ – Jemtech UK’s ‘Factory of the Future’ advanced automatic metal working fluid management system.

On 23rd August 2016, following a two year planned and systematically implemented research and development programme (involving extensive trials), the Oracle™ system was launched by Jemtech to VIP delegates at its Advanced Metal Working Fluid Management Conference.

The day before the Conference, Robert left the MTC to start a new career at Jemtech as its Oracle™ Service & Development Engineer where he will be responsible (amongst many other duties) for the installation and maintenance of Oracle™  units out in the market, and for the future development, upgrade and enhancement of the Oracle™ system.

Says Robert Foster:

“I have been involved with the Oracle™ project from the start – and am obviously passionate about it.

“By joining Jemtech full time, I now have the opportunity to develop the system further and to be a part of its (undoubted) success as it is introduced into the market.

“Jemtech is a progressive company. Over the last two years, I have worked closely with Jemtech management and technical staff and am looking forward to being part of, as well as making a positive contribution to, such a forward thinking company.”

Robert Foster began a Four Year Technician Apprenticeship Programme at the MTC in 2012 and it was here where he was introduced to Steve Coull, CEO of Jemtech.

Explains Steve Coull:

“We are a Technical Partner of the MTC and work collaboratively with the organisation conceptualising, designing, developing, applying and testing new advanced technology solutions for UK manufacturing. The Oracle™ project is a case in point.

“Through our relationships with the MTC we met Robert who was, at the time, half-way through his Technician Apprenticeship.

“Because we could see his potential and knew he could make a valuable contribution to Oracle’s™ development, we arranged to sponsor the remainder of his apprenticeship at the MTC.

This goes to show that when you combine excellent industrial experience with equally excellent and relevant education and nationally recognised qualifications – the result (as evidenced with Robert) is a highly-skilled and motivated employee.

“Robert’s hard work and in-depth knowledge and expertise of the system meant that it was a ‘no brainer’ in offering him the position of Oracle™ Service & Development Engineer at Jemtech once his Apprenticeship ended. Since being appointed  we are now funding him through a three year degree course at Coventry University.”

Since starting at Jemtech, Robert has received his results for a HNC in General Engineering (at Solihull College), and the NVQ Level 3: CNC Machine Tools (at Warwickshire College) taken whilst at the MTC.

Achieving a ‘distinction’ and a ‘double distinction’ respectively in both courses provides further evidence, if any was needed, that Robert Foster is well on the path to great things.