Micro nebulizer office sanitising

With the new portable dry fog micro-nebulizer.

As the government start announcing plans to begin allowing businesses to re-open, there will need to be safety measures enforced on companies to ensure work environments are sanitised and safe for the return of their workers.

The demand on professional cleaning operations will undoubtedly bottle neck this process, causing further costly delays to businesses around the UK. UK manufacturing firm Jemtech and Italian mist extraction giants H-Filtration have partnered to develop a highly effective mobile sanitising unit, which is simple to use and capable of quickly disinfecting work environments from offices to warehouses against bacteria and viruses.

Italy being one of the worst COVID-19 affected countries are determined to recover their economy and have had many businesses already prepare their work environments for the safe return of their workforce, the micro-nebulizer is filled with hydrogen peroxide H₂O₂ at a concentration equal to 0.5% as recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health and proven to effectively reduce concentration of bacteria and viruses.

The micro-nebulizer produces a powerful dry fog using compressed air, which disinfects large areas in just a few minutes, leaving surfaces sanitised, dry and immediately ready for use. The technology creates a process of atomization and evaporation of water allowing it to be safely used around machinery and production areas as well as office spaces with no condensation.

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