Blaser CNC cutting fluids

Blaser cutting fluids are regarded as the best in the industry, reducing rejects by up to 80% and lowering production costs by 21%, it’s stability also helps to greatly improve tool and machine life.

Jemtech has been Blaser’s UK distributor since 1996 and is one of only 37 trusted distributors around the world. With customers at the forefront of its intentions, Blaser products are aimed at increasing the productivity of its customers and therefore profitability.

Blaser product ranges

Water Miscible Coolants

The water miscible coolants offers excellent human and environmental benefits, with optimal cooling, lubrication, machining and grinding performance.

Neat Cutting Oils

For precision and longevity, there are a range of neat cutting oils which allows for optimal cost-effective machining.

Grinding Oils

The Blaser range of grinding oils will allow you to increase your feed rates. The best grinding oil ideally balances lubrication and self-sharpening effect, which we achieve with high quality base oils.

Minimal Quantity Lubricants

Finally, the Blaser product portfolio contains state-of-the-art minimal quantity lubricants (MQL) products for all common applications such as milling, sawing, turning, drilling and deep-hole drilling for standard and high-performance machining.

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