We are delighted to introduce our new brand and website. The new image represents Jemtech as the recognised industry leaders in advanced fluid management. This article provides an insight into the refreshed brand identity, message and strategy.

New brand identity

A great amount of thought has gone into how to enhance customer experience and reflect the business’ core values and offer in its already established position of trust and excellence in the marketplace.

The output is reflected in a new logo, website and the use of social media channels to share informative content, continue to develop relationships with customers, suppliers and prospects, and build further trust in the brand, its values and new direction.

As the only complete fluid management solution providers in the UK, we have further refined and increased our offers within Blaser Cutting Fluids, Fluid Management Systems and Mist Extraction products.

The decision in the rebrand process to use vivid colour palettes to represent each range is also reflected within the logo and referenced on the website to improve navigation.

Introducing imagery and design decisions that portray or literally show the movement and effects of the fluids Jemtech provide and manage everyday was a critical facet of how the business is represented. From the animated homepage banners and backgrounds to the use of curvature in the logo and supporting design assets, fluidity is ever-present.

Jemtech advanced fluid management

New website design

User experience (UX) was a priority when developing the new website. Fundamental traits of best practice UX approaches including easier navigation, better optimisation and digestible information on products and services were all implemented.

New product pages are vastly improved and easily accessible via a top-down menu. Each page contains ample information on the product range as a whole, and direct users to specific product pages with a structure that presents key advantages and useful statistics to better inform a purchasing decision.

The new blog area will serve as a hub of continuous content filtered into stories, product campaigns, useful downloads, videos and guides. This will offer users a go-to area for the latest developments in fluid management and Jemtech’s influence within the industry.

Making enquiries is simple, with forms included throughout the site and easily accessible via the contact page – an easy and direct way to reach us with any query. If you’re travelling to visit the facility, you can access directions with the press of a button.

Blaser cutting fluids   Fluid management   Mist extraction

To the point approach

One of the key elements of the new website and brand direction was the introduction of a direct, to the point tagline: Advanced Fluid Management.

Stewart Coull, Managing Director commented

This efficiently summarises core skills and the expertise behind Jemtech’s people, products and value – a full-service fluid management business in all aspects. Jemtech offer a broad range of fluid management solutions from metal working, cutting fluids or tramp oil removal to air mist extraction. Whilst these solutions offer time and money saving benefits, Jemtech also helps its customers by offering a unique tailored fluid management support package – befitting of exact customer requirements, allowing Jemtech experts to offer ways in which to improve any customer’s manufacturing processes.

Better access to your fluid management performance

Introducing ‘Jemtech Fluid Analytics’ – a secure login account for fluid management customers. This is where users can login to their unique account and see real-time analytics associated with their cutting fluid schedules and strategies, highlighting performance traits and allowing them to use the information to run their business more profitably.

Jemtech is very proud of its new brand direction and want to ensure that the company ethos and values are communicated effectively, as well as continuing to provide world class customer service and support. The new website highlights the skill and expertise in fluid management practices and the company is looking forward to building on further innovations in the future.

You are invited to explore the website for yourself. If you have any questions or comments about the new brand or would like to understand more about the product range and services, please feel free to get in touch.

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