Neat cutting oils

Jemtech’s outstanding range of neat cutting oils.

Jemtech offers a range of neat cutting oils from Blaser, guaranteeing the best fluid performance money can buy, with oils for every need and performance point. Jemtech is proud to be the only supplier of Blaser Swisslube in the UK, having been partnered with them for over a quarter of a century! Blasomill, Blasomill GT and Vascomill offer exceptional performance in the field of neat cutting oils.

Blasomill – for quality cutting

Blasomill is a high-performance cutting oil, based on mineral oil solutions. The oil is chlorine-free, with a much greater ecological impact and as well as market leading machine compatibility. It’s state-of-the-art lubricating properties deliver excellent surface quality.

Polar, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives are incorporated, significantly extending tool life. Blasomill is the smart way to lubricate your cutting products, with an increase in performance that more than offsets the investment in Blaser.

Blasomill GT – for peak performance

Blasomill GT has the all the advantages of Blasomill, but offers peak performance based on high-purity mineral oil. Blasomill GT’s high-quality base ingredients produces less foam, has faster air release, and has a high flash point. Smart additives further improve surface quality on final parts and increase tool life.

Vascomill – a synthetic option with a lower environmental footprint

Vascomill is an ester-based high performance neat oil. Vascomill offers outstanding lubricating properties, extended tool life and a quality surface. The oil is based on renewable raw materials, has good skin compatibility and is more readily biodegradable than other typical oils. Vascomill will help to reduce your workspace emissions thanks to its smaller ecological footprint.

Buy from Jemtech, trusted to deliver Blaser products for over 25 years

Jemtech is the trusted supplier of cutting oils for so many industrial businesses across the U.K. You can join them by getting in touch with us to find out more about how Blaser cutting fluids can transform your workshop output.

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