Heavy duty workshop vacuums

Keep Your Facility Running Smoothly with Jemtech Industrial Vacuums.

Maintaining a clean, safe workspace is a must in industrial settings. Jemtech offers a range of powerful heavy-duty industrial vacuums to help you effectively manage liquids, metal chips, and other messy workshop byproducts. With decades of experience in workshop fluid management, we understand the importance of having suitable vacuuming equipment on site. All our vacuums are available on Jemtech Finance, meaning you can get the vacuum you need today, with minimal upfront costs.

ISV200 chip vacuum

The ISV 200
Sturdy and manoeuvrable

The ISV 200 industrial vacuum packs a durable 4mm body construction into a compact, maneuverable unit. With a 300-litre liquid capacity and 200-litre solids capacity, it can handle a wide range of materials, whilst instantly separating liquids from solids. A 90° tilt makes discharging the recovered materials simple, with forklift assistance. Designed for intensive workshop use, the ISV 200 delivers the maneuverability and convenience that many workshops require today.

IOV300 industrial vacuum

The IOV 300
High-performance liquid recovery

When heavy-duty performance and superior coolant recovery are needed, the IOV 300 industrial vacuum excels. With an independent discharge pump, it reliably recovers high volumes of dense oils, swarf, and sludge. Continuous operation won’t slow this vacuum down, making it ideal for the toughest workshop conditions. You can truly stay on top of workshop waste with the IOV 300.

ISV400 chip vacuum

The ISV 400
Quiet and user-friendly

The ISV 400 industrial vacuum features a compact size and quiet operation perfect for workshops with a variety of functions. Available with either a 3.3kW or 3.9kW motor, it handles huge volumes of chips, swarf, and liquids with ease. A 90° tilt assisted by a forklift enables easy waste discharge. With heavy-duty construction and innovative design, the ISV 400 has what it takes to tackle big vacuum jobs with a tiny footprint and minimal noise.

IOV450HV Industrial Vacuum

The IOV 450
for powerful liquid management

Recover vast amounts of oil, swarf, sludge and more with the IOV 450. Its 450-litre liquid capacity is paired with an independent discharge pump for superior fluid extraction. Dense, heavy waste is no match for the IOV 450’s design. You can maintain a spotless workshop, regardless of conditions, with the power of the IOV 450.

IOV 500 industrial vacuum

The IOV 500
for comprehensive CNC cleaning

Developed specifically for comprehensive CNC machine cleaning, the IOV 500 vacuum lives up to its name. A 500-litre capacity for liquids makes short work of removing coolant, oil, and emulsions, while integrated filtration separates out solids and chips. Reliable purification makes the IOV 500 the go-to vacuum for keeping CNC machines pristine.

All available on Jemtech finance

All our heavy-duty vacuum range are available on Jemtech Finance, our straightforward finance system. With Jemtech Finance, your costs are fixed for the entire period of the agreement, making forecasting simple. You can spread monthly pays for up to 5 years. Get the equipment you need today without a large upfront cost.

Look no further than Jemtech for industrial vacuuming

Jemtech’s range of industrial vacuums are constructed to withstand even the toughest workshop environments. Contact our experts today to find the perfect vacuum solution for your facility’s needs. We also offer tailored after-sales support and maintenance packages. Achieve a cleaner, safer, more productive workspace with the power of Jemtech’s industrial vacuums.

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