B-Cool Motec 501

New cutting fluid announced for automotive machining.

B-Cool Motec 501 by Blaser, is a brand new, water-miscible coolant that has been specifically developed for automotive metal cutting applications. This mineral oil based cutting fluid offers incredible stability, cleaner machines and longer tool life with lower consumption.

Safe, cutting-edge performance.

Blaser are world renowned innovators of advanced cutting fluid, providing high production value at lower cost, utilising safer and more natural formulas. Unlike other products, B-Cool Motec 501, contains no chlorine, heavy metals, boron, secondary amines, silicone, nitrosamines, formaldehyde, or glycol ethers, making it the safest product on the market.

Cost saving technology.

Alongside other Blaser cutting fluids, B-Cool Motec allows up to a 21% reduction in production costs through less process and quality fluctuations and visibly better workpiece surface finishes. Overall, customers have seen up to a 72% cost saving, proving quality over quantity. With less rejects, longer tool life and less maintenance downtime, B-Cool Motec is fast becoming the coolant of choice for the automotive industry.

Better finish, finer tolerances.

You can rely on B-Cool for excellent cutting performance at higher cutting speeds and pressures, better fluid stability and cutting consistency with no staining, even on sensitive aluminium alloys. Improve your quality, production efficiency and consumption by switching to B-Cool Motec 501.

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