MCOS Mini mist extractor

Advanced filtration of oil and smoke in harsh work environments

Weighing in at only 75Kg and measuring 1255mm high, the new MCOS Mini can be installed in multiple positions, designed for greater oil and smoke filtration efficiency, maintaining an airflow of 1000m3/h and filtering up to 99.99% of particles, an essential tool for creating a safe work environment.

Designed as modular systems for ease and cost-effective use, the flexible MCOS Mini is the new proud addition to the MCOS family of mist extraction solutions provided by Jemtech. MCOS Installation is simple and can be retro fitted to most machines providing fast and effective improvements to harsh working environments with up to 20,000m3/h filtration power.

The MCOS is a coalescent system filters and collects harmful oil and smoke particles to form a liquid which can be safely collected and disposed, significantly improving filter life and efficiency over standard mist extraction units.

Any environment that has machinery with moving parts, especially manufacturing and cutting tools would benefit immeasurably from mist extraction, not only from a health and safety aspect but also reducing machine maintenance, increasing tool life and ultimately profitability.

Jemtech experts are available now to help and advise on improvements to your production efficiency, profitability and tool life.

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