Demand for Jemtech’s Oracle fluid management systems drives sales of Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids.

Twelve months ago Jemtech, a leading cutting fluid solutions’ provider and supplier of Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids to UK and Irish component manufacturers, launched Oracle – its advanced automated fluid management system, into the market.

Although initially aimed at existing Blaser Swisslube users, Oracle also received interest and acclamation from the wider manufacturing and machining sectors.

So much so in fact that Jemtech has been able to successfully ‘convert’ a number of precision engineering companies (OEMs through to precision subcontract specialists) to becoming Blaser Swisslube, as well as Oracle, customers.

Jemtech CEO, Steve Coull, explains the obvious (although not unexpected) pulling power of Oracle fluid management systems.

“We launched Oracle fluid management systems in 2016 to a highly-receptive market.

“With its primary focus on automated real-time condition monitoring of metalworking fluids in machine tools’ sumps, and the use of Cloud-based technology for immediate data storage and retrieval (to aid manufacturers’ decision-making and, in doing so, help optimise their machining processes) – it wasn’t that surprising that Oracle soon achieved a profile and a reputation as both an Industry 4.0 and ‘Factory of the Future’ enabling technology.

“Our intention back in 2016, in terms of initial product marketing and sales, was to aim Oracle at existing Blaser Swisslube customers. (All Oracle design, development and pre-launch and beta testing had occurred using Blaser metalworking fluids).

“Whilst this approach has proved successful, with many Oracle systems being sold to existing customers, we were (and still are being) approached by number of non-Blaser users enquiring about Oracle fluid management systems.

“The obvious interest in Oracle has provided us with an opportunity to meet these manufacturers face-to-face to discuss their current metalworking fluid use and preference…and the results they were achieving.

“Using our Liquid Tool Analysis (LTA)…a proven technical consultancy service administered by Jemtech engineers, we have audited these manufacturers’ existing machining processes focusing in on their metalworking fluid use, consumption and costs – specifically addressing issues that include -: component accuracies and surface finishes (required and achieved)…cutting tool life (required and achieved)…process security. In fact all issues that impact on and affect component profitability.

“In many instances using the LTA approach has allowed us to not only recommend Blaser metalworking fluids that we believe will deliver improved productivity and performance levels for these manufacturers…but to also conduct trials (at these manufacturers’ facilities) to prove and validate our claims.

“In all cases the recommendations we made and the positive results we anticipated from selecting Blaser metalworking fluids have been borne out in practice.

“By using LTA and adopting Blaser metalworking fluids these manufacturers have improved their machining processes and increased their productivity and profitability.

“They have also allowed them to acquire Oracle fluid management systems in the full knowledge that, as Blaser metalworking fluid users, the full range of performance  benefits from using Oracle fluid management systems can be accessed and realised.

A real win: win situation.