When precision engineering companies are faced with increased margin pressure, the offer of free metal working fluids is not to be ignored, and this can be achieved through a review of cutting fluid use and practices under the free of charge, guidance of Jemtech (UK).

Generally, production engineers focus on tooling, programs and processes, however very little or sometimes no consideration is given to the influence of the cutting fluid, which when some time is devoted to this thought, it is actually the fluid that comes between the tools and the work piece. This is where the free offer from Jemtech (UK) is helping to reduce manufacturing costs and deliver ‘free’ cutting fluid to manufacturing companies.

Jemtech (UK) will visit and document the potential productivity savings that are achievable. In many cases these savings will be large enough to cover the costs of the coolant for the year, every year! “By implementing the findings that we will report we are confident that customers will make significant savings, which if the procedures remain in place will continue to benefit the bottom line for many years to come,” Says Steve Coull, Managing Director, Jemtech (UK).

Expenditure on cutting fluid is typically ten times less than the amount spent on tooling, so the fluid spend is viewed as insignificant. However, by using a higher quality, sometimes more expensive, but superior cutting fluid such as Blaser Swisslube, tooling costs can be reduced significantly, combined with increased feed rates and reduced scrap rates, secure lights out machining all of a sudden the savings ramp up to significant levels. The simple, free-of-charge review of fluid use and management practices provided by Jemtech (UK) can result, for many companies, in savings greater than the annual outlay on coolants.

“It is staggering to think of the money that is being spent needlessly on metal working fluids, when a good management procedure and awareness of issues surrounding problems associated with them, that shortens their useful life, could drastically reduce the costs involved and improve overall productivity,” says Steve Coull, Managing Director, Jemtech (UK).