Stay compliant with CleanMist

With the recent HSE announcement about upcoming inspections for Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) in metalworking businesses beginning in October 2023, it’s crucial to ensure your workshop is compliant with all of the current legislation. Any workplace producing hazardous dust, fumes, mist, fibres, vapours, or gas must have adequate and maintained LEV measures. Jemtech is ideally situated to assist with LEVs thanks to our CleanMist range, which is highly effective and fully compliant with all the latest LEV legislation.

Choose CleanMist for your LEV solution

Jemtech’s CleanMist range of oil mist collectors are the ideal LEV solution. The CleanMist is specifically designed to efficiently extract oil mist, keeping your operators safe and your business LEV compliant.

The CleanMist uses a powerful centrifugal system to draw in and filter oil mist particles. The mesh-protected intake prevents debris entering while the cone diffuser evenly distributes the mist inside the impeller. Here, the particles are spun at speed, coalescing into droplets that drain out through a pipe. Purified air then flows through final cartridge or electrostatic filters before being released. It’s an incredibly smart design which optimises pollution collection and ease of maintenance.

The benefits of choosing a CleanMist for your workshop include simple and quick installation with full electrical set up, high extraction efficiency to remove almost all oil mist, low noise operation compared to other collectors, reduced maintenance thanks to the self-cleaning impeller, customisable solutions available for specific needs, and world-class after sales service and support from the experts at Jemtech.

Designed for workshops of every size

With the CleanMist range, there’s a filter model to suit any metalworking application from 300M3/h right up to 2300M3/h capacities, ensuring that even the highest levels of pollution are captured effectively. Not only that, but the CleanMist is available with industry 4.0 data monitoring available.

Don’t risk harmful oil mist pollution or an HSE fine. Book a free LEV workplace survey now to get expert advice on compliance. Jemtech’s qualified team can fully install and commission your CleanMist, including electrical works, to get your workshop safely extracting again.

CleanMist 300

CleanMist 300

300m³/h oil mist centrifugal filter

CleanMist 800

CleanMist 800

800m³/h oil mist centrifugal filter

CleanMist 2300

CleanMist 2300

2300m³/h oil mist centrifugal filter

Book an LEV survey for peace of mind

Don’t let a surprise inspection catch you out. Our LEV surveys will fully assess your current system for compliance with current LEV legislation. We can advise on what’s needed to meet the legislation and offer servicing if required. Protect your operators and your business by contacting Jemtech today about the an LEV survey, before an inspection takes place.

Available on Jemtech Finance

The CleanMist range is available on Jemtech Finance, allowing you to get the equipment you need today with the cost spread over many months. Our flexible finance options mean there will definitely be a solution that works for you. Just speak to our team and ask about our financing options.

Speak to us about CleanMist

Speak to the experts at Jemtech about the CleanMist range, LEV surveys, and much more. Our expertise means we are the trusted partners of so many manufacturing businesses. Get in touch today.

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