Jemtech fully understand the importance of returning clean air into an engineering environment and that the best solutions in doing so not only make for safer environments, but also reduce costs and save money in the process.

As market leaders in the distribution of mist extraction products, Jemtech are committed to providing the perfect solution to any operation’s specific requirements. Jemtech install and maintain mist extraction systems ideal for any operation; from Turning Centres and component wash systems to the harshest manufacturing environments.

Mist extraction products are an essential purchase for manufacturers working with CNC Machine Tools, Lathes, Boring, Drilling, Milling and more.

Mist extraction units installed by Jemtech will efficiently extract, filter and purify air polluted by oil mist, leading to a much safer working space with high efficiency and low maintenance.

World-class technical assistance is at your disposal if the need ever occurs thanks to Jemtech’s dedicated mist extraction support service. Mist extraction service plans Redreduce costly machine downtime and ensure quality and productivity remain at its optimum level.

Mist extraction product ranges

Helping companies protect their employees, internal production and the environment is an ethos shared with HFiltration.

HFiltration are the partner of choice for Jemtech and are the most qualified technological partner for any industry where the problem of air quality is a concern and a requirement.

Proudly offering the installation and maintenance of HFiltration products, Jemtech are ideally positioned to advise on the best mist extraction solution for any given environment. The product range is broad so its best to consult Jemtech before making a decision on which system to install. However, below is an overview of essential mist extraction systems and the associated benefits.


The CLEANMIST® range includes a wide choice of centrifugal and electrostatic oil mist filters to suit all applications. All products in this range come equipped with a self-cleaning impellor, reducing maintenance and the accompanying costs. If required, Jemtech can offer customised solutions – contact us to enquire about how we can meet the needs of your specific operation.

Mist Compact®

For working with emulsions, the MIST COMPACT® is the ideal solution – a coalescent effect filter for the abatement of emulsified oil mists. This energy saving solution is designed for centralised systems. It comes with a large inspection panel to make assembly and maintenance a smooth and painless process.

MCOS Coalescent filter

The MCOS range of coalescence filters is suited for harsh working conditions, separating oil and smoke particles for heavy mechanical processes. Unlike traditional static filters, the coalescence filter does not work exclusively for clogging, significantly increasing the life of the filter and maintaining a 99.99% efficient purification.

Jemtech takes pride in the fact that it is driving the initiative and providing the solutions to reducing the polluting emissions of plants and cleaning the air inside and outside of the production environment. If mist extraction is a concern for your working environment, contact Jemtech for expert advice and guidance.