Auto Fill Plus, the new standard in coolant management

Jemtech’s Auto Fill Plus truly sets a new standard for coolant management. Unleashing the power of automation, your workshop will never be the same. Being able to mix up to 5000L of emulsion, the data-powered Auto Fill Plus will transform the efficiency of your workshop.


Coolant management has never been easier, thanks to the power of data. A robust monitoring system measures coolant levels, PH levels, concentration, and temperature, responding in real time by automatically refilling the necessary amount of mixed cutting fluid. The Auto Fill Plus utilises and stores all data on the Jemtech Data Hub, for full transparency and trackability. The data is accessible at any time through the Jemtech data system.  

Small footprint, big impact

Weighing just 35kg in a footprint of 754mm x 320mm x 360mm, the Auto Fill Plus was specially designed to be able to fit in any workspace, with an easy installation guaranteed. Despite its diminutive size, the Auto Fill Plus can hold 50L of neat cutting fluid, which when mixed with water can produce up to 5000L of emulsion! A built-in Venturi mixer ensures a perfect emulsion, with better fluid stability and more effective performance, reducing consumption and further improving workshop efficiency. Who knew such a powerful piece of kit could take up such a small area?!

Maintenance free

The Auto Fill Plus isn’t like your usual piece of workshop machinery – it’s completely maintenance free, saving you time and money. Everything is automated and easily controllable – just set it and you are ready to go. If you wish though, you can adjust your desired coolant specifications at any time. Let the Auto Fill Plus make your life easier by handling and maintaining your workshop coolant. The Auto Fill Plus also comes with a simple colour coded LED light – green when the neat cutting fluid tank is full, amber when half full, and red when the neat oil needs to be topped up. The machine will show blue when you have completed the filling of the oil tank. By implementing this technology in your machine shop, you will be able to run production throughout the night without the risk of running out of coolant in your sumps. This will help to reduce scrap, instead producing cheaper, better quality parts, resulting in increased profitability.

Finance options

Jemtech is pleased to offer financing options on the Autofill range, meaning you can transform the efficiency of your workshop from just £1.98 per day. Get in touch with us to discuss financing options, and to arrange fast delivery of your Autofill.

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