Innovative ‘Factory of the Future’ technology launched by Jemtech at its Advanced Metal Working Fluid Management Conference pulls in the crowds.

Jemtech, the UK’s leading cutting fluid solutions provider and supplier of Blaser Swisslube metal working fluids to UK and Irish component manufacturers, has reported that its Advanced Metal Working Fluid Management Conference held at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry on 23rd August 2016, was a huge success.

The event attracted over 140 VIP visitors and, according to Jemtech’s CEO Steve Coull, “provided the perfect venue” to launch Oracle™, the company’s new, intelligent and fully-automated metal working fluid management system into the market and one of the main highlights of the Conference.

The Advanced Metal Working Fluid Management event provided attendees with ample food for thought focusing on the best-practice use, application and maintenance of metal working fluids in the machining process.

Following an opening scene-setting presentation from Mr Craig Stevens, Head of Industrial Sectors at the MTC, on the purpose and the role of the MTC (the MTC was strategically involved in the Oracle TM system’s two year development programme), Mr Coull took centre stage and delivered a typically passionate address on the importance of metal working fluids.

As well as creating the context for the Oracle™ launch, the introduction also provided the ideal platform to present and explain LiquidTool – Blaser Swisslube’s (and Jemtech’s) unique and proven approach to metal working fluid management.



Although, in the scheme of things, metal working fluids can be perceived (by some manufacturers) as being a commodity purchase representing, on average, just 0.5% of the total investment cost of a machining process relative to machine tool, labour and tooling costs etc., their impact is significant.

As the interface between a component and a cutting tool, metal working fluids – and more importantly the selection of the ‘correct’ metal working fluids – can reduce scrap rates and improve quality, reduce cycle times, increase tool life and reduce actual fluid consumption levels too.

According to Steve Coull:

“Despite their relative ‘small’ cost – metal working fluids have a big impact.”

LiquidTool is the name given to Blaser Swisslube’s systematic data driven process (used by Jemtech with individual customers) to establish best-practice and identify how and where significant technical and commercial gains can be realised.

The process involves Jemtech engineers initially investigating and understanding a customer’s existing metal working fluid use, application and associated costs. The recorded data is analysed (using the Blaser LiquidTool software) with the gains from changing to Blaser fluids being clearly documented, monetised and presented back to the customer.

Says Steve Coull:

“The projected gains (and these are often considerable) are based on facts. With the customer’s agreement we will then install Blaser fluids and monitor and analyse their performance. The end game being to deliver the actual gains as presented in the initial fact-finding stage.

“LiquidTool works and works well. By documenting potential, and then delivering actual, real monetary gains customers can see the binary nature of their choice of metal working fluids – i.e. “what you put in has a direct correlation to what you get out.”


Billed as a ‘Factory of the Future’ technology – Oracle™, used in conjunction with Blaser Swisslube fluids, is a real game-changer and is aimed at (and, as a consequence, will appeal to) precision component manufacturers looking to increase their productivity, improve their performance, reduce their operational costs and increase their competitive advantage.

Developed in partnership with the MTC over the last two years, Oracle™ provides customers’ individual machine tools with a constant supply of accurately mixed cutting fluid and captures live data relating to the real time condition of metal working fluids in a machine tool’s sump, as part of the process.

In addition to monitoring, capturing, recording and storing all this data in the cloud (accessed via the Oracle™ unit’s dashboard or remotely via a tablet or computer) for immediate recall or future reference – Oracle™ also automatically senses and rectifies any issues it finds in the sump, regarding the fluid’s volume and concentration levels, as well as its pH – before they can affect the machining process.

Similarly, Oracle™ also captures data on the fluid’s temperature, conductivity and consumption levels too.

The result is a secure, fail-safe and future-proof metal working fluid management system that optimises the machining process…achieved without human intervention.

Both the Oracle™ technology and the Oracle™ process are patented pending. Oracle™ units and will be manufactured in Coventry, ensuring complete and reliable quality control and fast delivery and installation.

Explains Mr Adam Land, Oracle™ Product Development Manager:

“Although it is recognised that metal working fluids play a critical role in optimising machining processes…there is a tendency amongst some component manufacturers to treat fluid management as a ‘poor cousin’ in comparison to work-holding, tooling etc.

“Even the most enlightened manufacturing companies fall someway short of having robust and systematic fluid management protocols and processes in place.

“This situation will change and is changing fast.”

Industry’s emphasis on creating safer working environments for staff…on ensuring easier component traceability…and on using real time data to monitor, capture, record…and, as a consequence, improve manufacturing processes (as enshrined in Industry 4.0 principles), are all elevating the importance of metal working fluids and their management.

Conference attendees were left in no doubt about the efficacy of the Oracle™ system and, in addition to ‘hard fact’ presentations with lively Q and A sessions…having access to the new Oracle™ website (which features the customer password protected ‘Data Hub”), and an explanatory Oracle™ video – were also brought up to speed with early market reception to Oracle™.

Continues Adam Land:

“As well as having two Oracle™ units at the MTC we have very recently installed Oracle™ units at a leading motor sport manufacturer’s facility and enquiries, certainly since the launch, have rocketed.

“Although the ‘official’ launch is now over, we are taking Oracle™ on tour where it will be showcased at a number of Technology Partner Open Houses taking place over the next few weeks and months.

“So, even if component manufacturers missed the launch of Oracle™ – there’s still ample opportunity to see, first hand, the very latest in advanced metal working fluid management systems.”

These events include:

• Seco Tools’ Inspiration through Innovation Open House: 21st – 22nd September, Seco Technology Centre, Alcester

• Citizen Machinery UK: Open House Event: 11th – 13th October, Citizen UK Headquarters – Hertfordshire

• DMG Mori’s Technology Days event taking place 11th – 13th October at DMG Mori’s facility in Coventry.

Concludes Steve Coull:

“Industry 4.0…Factory of the Future…The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“There’s lots of talk within UK manufacturing circles about the advent of innovative, smart technologies – but rather less evidence of these technologies being readily available or being applied.

“My view, and the introduction of Oracle™ certainly supports this, is that the wait is over and that Factory of the Future technology has now arrived.”