Vasco 601 delivers pioneering performance and precision

For machine shops seeking the utmost in precision, consistency, and value from their cutting operations, Jemtech has an exciting new solution in stock – the Vasco 601 metalworking fluid. This innovative new product utilises ester base oil technology to deliver exceptional performance and benefits for your machining operations.

Engineered by the fluid experts at Blaser Swisslube, Vasco 601 harnesses the power of ester technology to take your precision cutting and grinding performance to new heights. The advanced synthetic ester base oil provides superior lubricity and cooling ability compared to conventional mineral oil fluids. This results in immaculate surface finishes, extended tool life, and consistent high-quality output from the first cut to the last.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The innovative Vasco 601 formula also delivers:

When you use Vasco 601, you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your process, including tighter geometries, reduced wheel wear, smoother surface finishes on even the most sensitive alloys like aluminium. With Vasco 601, it has become easier to maximise part quality and tool life.

With Blaser Swisslube’s decades of experience perfecting ester-based fluids, you can trust Vasco 601 will perform to the highest standards while protecting your equipment. It’s suitable for a wide range of alloys too – nickel, titanium, steel, stainless, copper – making it a versatile fluid for your shop and a must-have in your arsenal.

Contact Jemtech today to learn more about how Vasco 601 can save you money while enabling precision machining that meets the tightest tolerances. Exceptional performance is within reach thanks to the cutting-edge technology of Vasco 601, part of the outstanding Vasco range, which you can view here. See for yourself how this fluid can optimise any precision machining application, and get in touch with Jemtech. For further developments, you can follow us on LinkedIn.