The arrival of Blaser Swisslube’s B-Cool 755 water miscible metalworking will result in increased performance and profitability for those companies machining medium to high volumes of aluminium components as well as steel and stainless steels.

Blaser Swisslube has a longstanding reputation for creating metalworking fluids that are both good for businesss and the environment, with its latest development, B-Cool 755 this reputation is further enhanced. B-Cool 755 is a water miscible, mineral oil based, chlorine free cutting fluid with low foaming behaviour under high cutting speeds and high pressure conditions, in hard and soft water. When combined with the B-Cool 755’s stability, good protection against corrosion, and low consumption rates, make it ideal for machining materials such as aluminium in large volumes in applications across industry sectors such as automotive.

A major benefit to users is the refractometer factor of B-Cool 755 which at 1:1 compares extremely well against its rivals, which typically have a reading of 2:1. What this means is that for every drum of B-Cool 755 purchased a much higher percentage of the content is oil, rather than water. “This higher percentage of oil in the concentrate is an important figure to note,” says Gary Smith, Application Engineer of Jemtech (UK) the UK distributor of Blaser Swisslube products. “It means that customers have to use less concentrate when they initially fill the sump of their machine and top up rates are much lower, with a drum of Blaser lasting up to three times as long as that of our competitors. The overall effect is reduced manufacturing costs with additional benefits of improved product quality and cutting tool life, and reduced maintenance of the machine tool’s coolant system.”

Gary continues, “many new customers come to us to resolve staining issues on their Aluminium components created by their current coolant, which is not an uncommon problem within the industry. With B-Cool 755 this is completely eradicated, the surface finishes are also significantly improved enhancing the machined components appearance whilst improving tool life” Gary also remarks “several customers have also had issues with tapping of small threads, where the thread form was torn or tight on the gauge, due to the increased lubricity of the B-Cool 755 the process is now secure and perfect threads are produced within tolerance time after time.”

Jemtech are offering a no obligation site survey to investigate the possibilities of process improvements, if confident they can deliver these improvement Jemtech will then undertake a no gain no payment trial.