WaterHog, the innovative system from Jemtech (UK) that drastically reduces the cost of disposing of waste metalworking fluids is now available on low-cost finance over one, two or three years, making the system even more attractive to those companies looking to benefit from the instant savings it creates.

WaterHog is proven to reduce the volume of metalworking fluid waste by up to 94 per cent and will provide a return on the initial capital investment within 12 months for some businesses. Now, in conjunction with a leading provider of industrial finance WaterHog is available on a finance plan, with payments starting around £100/week subject to status, with written quotations available upon request.

This new finance package, with its minimum deposit terms, ensures that the initial capital outlay of WaterHog is not a barrier to any manufacturing company reaping immediately the savings available through its use.  These savings are generated by ‘boiling off’ the water from the used metal working fluid, reducing the volume by 94 per cent, leaving just 6 per cent to be disposed of in the conventional manner.

“At a typical waste disposal cost of £0.20/litre WaterHog will deliver significant cost savings in running to thousands of Pounds per year,” says Steve Coull, Managing Director, Jemtech (UK). “It is not just the financial benefits that should be attractive to modern manufacturing businesses, but by significantly reducing the volume of waste, there is a major benefit to the environment as well.”