Jack apprentice

Welcome Jack, our latest apprenticeship success!

Jack is a new Design and Service engineer at Jemtech, having successfully completed his apprenticeship with the company. Jack undertook a three-year program at the AMTC – The Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre – that left him with all the skills and professional experience he needed to have a successful career in the manufacturing industry!

The apprenticeship route appealed to Jack because he was keen to undertake a program that was hands-on, whilst also earning on the job as he developed and honed his skills.

Jack’s program

Jack spent the first year of his program at the AMTC, where he learned vital skills in an impressive engineering environment, giving him experience with a wide range of machinery and giving him the opportunities to work on state-of-the-art equipment.

In his second year, Jack undertook a hybrid work-study model that combined the skills he had learned in his first year with professional work experience, allowing him to put them to use and practice in an authentic environment and develop further.

Jack setting up Auto Fill Plus

Why Jemtech?

Jemtech heavily invests in the training and taking on of apprentices. That’s one of the reasons why Jack chose to work with Jemtech for the final year of his program – he also wanted to work with Jemtech because he was excited by the possibility of doing something different everyday, working with a fantastic team and being given responsibility to let him grow in his role.

After choosing Jemtech, Jack worked full time on the premises for a year, learning the ins and outs of the business and gaining professional experience to go alongside the theory and practical skills he had learned at AMTC. Jack passed his apprenticeship with flying colours, and Jemtech is delighted to announce Jack now works fulltime as a Design and Service Engineer!

Jack said:
“I’d recommend the apprenticeship programme to anyone who wants hands-on experience whilst getting paid to do the job!”

Jemtech continues to invest in the future

Jack is a brilliant example of the next generation of engineers and Jemtech will continue to invest in the future of our industry, with many more “Jacks” to come!

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