Jemtech fluid management

When it comes to the precision engineering industry, fluid management is a difficult yet vital part of the manufacturing process. As well as using cutting fluids, manufacturers must ensure they meet stringent health and safety requirements; this requires regular monitoring and adjustment, as well as keeping the air clear of oil mist pollution.

Thanks to our trusted partners at Blaser Swisslube and HFiltration, complimented by our in-house products and expertise, Jemtech is able to provide complete fluid management solution – the only solution of its kind in the UK – meaning you only need to come to one place for all of your fluid management needs.

Cutting fluids

Jemtech is proud to work alongside Blaser Swisslube in providing our customers with the optimal solution for their cooling and lubrication requirements. Blaser Swisslube metal working fluids are environmentally friendly as well as user-friendly, resulting in fewer health-related issues and greater motivation from employees. Using Blaser Swisslube leads to quantifiably improved efficiency and cost savings – and we offer a no obligation site and application survey to demonstrate those benefits on a no gain, no win basis.

Fluid management systems

Jemtech Advanced Fluid Management offers the solutions you need to excel in health and safety compliance, automating the process whilst gathering vital data at the touch of a button. Our products and solutions range from from fully automated Industry 4.0 technology all the way through to a regular dip slide service reported in Jemtech Fluid Analytics ® and everything in between –we tailor to your precise requirements.

Mist extraction

In partnership with HFiltration, Jemtech has the products and expertise to provide you with a complete extraction solution with high efficiency, low noise and a simple and quick installation. With HFiltration extraction in place, your facility will not only comply with the latest health and safety legislation but your machinery will be more efficient and more reliable, saving you on maintenance costs.

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