Maximise your investment

If you have been to an open house or the MACH exhibition in the past, you may have noticed that Jemtech work together with the with world’s leading machine tool and cutting tool manufacturers. In partnership we aim to deliver solutions to achieve  increased productivity for our customers, giving them the edge over their competitors.

By working in parallel with our technical partners we are perfectly placed to ensure that your investment delivers the optimum performance from day one. We achieve this by working with the customer to determine the perfect product selection for their application. Whether this be coolant, mist extraction or fluid management, we have to consider factors such as the material, machine configuration, water properties and the tooling being used. All of these factors play a significant part in maintaining process stability, guaranteeing the component quality is of the highest possible standard.

Performance trials

When your machine or tooling is purchased through one of our technical partners, there is the opportunity to request a trial of the recommended Blaser product. During the machine installation we will install the Blaser Swisslube product in accordance with the manufactures specification, ensuring optimum fluid performance.

Additional partnership benefits

As Jemtech are the ‘Advanced Fluid Management’ company chosen by the world’s leading machine and cutting tool manufacturers, there are many advantages within our portfolio of products when you purchase new equipment. We offer special discounts available on automated fluid management systems, mist extraction and Fe-Ol oil skimmer products to customers who have recently purchased new machines from our partners. These products can be fitted during the machine installation ensuring that all Health and Safety requirements are met from day one.

Blaser cutting fluids

Exceptionally high performance Blaser cutting oils.

Oracle fluid management system

The intelligent and automated fluid management system designed for your cutting fluid of choice.

H Filtration
Mist extraction

Air purification filters from CNC to full factory solutions

Greater productivity

We let you produce more parts in a given time. And how do we do that? By optimising the machine process and using our long-term stable cutting fluid to enable higher speeds, feed and machining rates as we as longer tool life.

Maximum safety

Our cutting fluids are very well tolerated and user-friendly. They comply with the highest workplace safety standards. The result is fewer health-related issues and greater employee motivation.