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Automated Fluid Management systems

Our automated fluid management systems are the most advanced in the industry. The systems give users the ability to automate the management of the concentration, pH, conductivity, temperature, consumption, and sump level. Users are also able to log dipslide results, mist extraction and machine service documents.

Our automated systems record and logs every time they automatically top up the machine tool’s sump as well as the amount of concentrate added to bring it back into its pre-set tolerance levels. This data is logged, and can be viewed in the Jemtech Fluid Analytics software.

Every automated unit can be set to operate within a pre-determined tolerance band, these are much tighter than those measured by conventional refractometers. Additionally, to optimise productivity, each individual automated system can have tolerance bandwidths to suit different applications or materials being machined, thereby making our systems incredibly flexible.

The automated fluid management solution removes the day to day human element, allowing our customers to run safely in the knowledge that they will not run out of coolant in the machine when unmanned.

Industrial vacuums

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lower production costs

Improved machine availability
facilitates better production planning
and enables significant cost
reduction for our customers.


less rejects

Our customer profits from less
process and quality fluctuations
and visibly better workpiece
surface finish.


lower cutting fluid costs

The right Blaser cutting fluid costs
only about 0.5% of production costs
per workpiece – but reduces up to
99.5% of our customer’s production

Cutting Oils

Exceptionally high performance Blaser cutting oils

Jemtech advanced fluid management
Jemtech Fluid Management for CNC

Fluid Management

The intelligent and automated
fluid management system designed for your cutting fluid of choice

H-Filtration CNC air filters

Air Filtration

Air purification filters from CNC to full factory solutions

Jemtech advanced fluid management

Industrial Vacuums

Coolant / neat oil industrial vacuum range