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Auto Fill

Automatic coolant replenishment

Fluid management Autofill

Automatic coolant replenishment.


The Auto Fill System has a very compact footprint measuring just 754mm x 320mm x 360mm, the new unit automatically tops up the machine sump with a set percentage of concentration when and if required, the concentration can be adjusted manually with a switch located on the top of the system.

The internal system tank holds 50 litres neat oil that is mixed with water during the top up process and can create up to 5,000 litres of mixed coolant to top up the sump.

A venturi mixer is implemented in the system so that a tight mix of emulsion can be achieved, resulting in improved coolant stability, performance as well as reduced consumption.

A colour coded LED droplet is also included. It will show green when the neat oil tank is full, amber at half full and red when the reservoir is running low. When the internal tank is filling up, the droplet will turn blue when the neat oil reservoir is full and no longer needs topping up.

With no maintenance required to these units, it is a valuable piece of kit that will save customers time and money.

These units are available to order today, with flexible payment terms from as little as £1.98 per day (subject to terms and conditions)

CNC Auto Fill system

Voltage24 v – 1.5 amps
Power0.036 kW
Water pressure2 – 6 bar dynamic (30 – 90 psi)
Capacity50 lt
Dimensions754(h) x 320(w) x 360(d)
Weight35 kg
Auto Fill dimensions


lower production costs

Improved machine availability
facilitates better production planning
and enables significant cost
reduction for our customers.


less rejects

Our customer profits from less
process and quality fluctuations
and visibly better workpiece
surface finish.


lower cutting fluid costs

The right Blaser cutting fluid costs
only about 0.5% of production costs
per workpiece – but reduces up to
99.5% of our customer’s production

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