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Flexible tailored service to the customer’s specific requirements

Jemtech recognise that the bespoke service and support offered to its customers is a vital ingredient in the success of any fluid management solution.

With a wide range of products and solutions available, it is important to have the flexibility to tailor the service to a customer’s specific requirements. Jemtech draw from a range of service, training and support functions to achieve the desired result. These include:

  • Site survey
  • Compatibility tests on all industrial oils
  • Water analysis
  • Condition monitoring of the cutting fluid
  • Full machine valeting service
  • Tramp oil management
  • Onsite Inventory management
  • Full micro biological coolant analysis – undertaken in an industry leading laboratory
  • Operational training
  • Full UK & Ireland coverage

All servicing is undertaken by qualified service staff, and all servicing activities are logged, reported and available for instant access via Jemtech Fluid Analytics software, ensuring full health and safety compliance is met.

Jemtech’s advanced fluid management service is delivered in a friendly manner, to the highest standards and with minimum disruption to manufacturing and production processes.

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Stewart Coull
See how our fully automated fluid management technology has revolutionised process stability
Stewart Coull, Managing Director
Jemtech Fluid Management for CNC
Blaser cutting fluids

Exceptionally high performance Blaser cutting oils.

Jemtech Fluid management
Jemtech Fluid Management for CNC

The intelligent and automated fluid management system designed for your cutting fluid of choice.

H Filtration
Mist extraction

Air purification filters from CNC to full factory solutions

Jemtech Fluid management

Coolant / Neat Oil industrial Vacuum range

Greater productivity

We let you produce more parts in a given time. And how do we do that? By optimising the machine process and using our long-term stable cutting fluid to enable higher speeds, feed and machining rates as we as longer tool life.

Maximum safety

Our cutting fluids are very well tolerated and user-friendly. They comply with the highest workplace safety standards. The result is fewer health-related issues and greater employee motivation.