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The most advanced fluid management software in the industry

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Fluid management software






Real-time Condition Monitoring Software

Jemtech Fluid Analytics software is the most advanced fluid management tool in the industry. Fluid Analytics gives users the ability to monitor concentration, pH, conductivity, temperature, consumption, and sump level. Users are also able to log dipslide results, mist extraction and machine service documents.

fluid management

Jemtech Fluid Analytics is an easy to navigate, web based, recording, tracking and reporting software. The software gives maintenance and production engineers immediate and remote access to the current conditions of the fluids in use. Fluid Analytics was developed by Jemtech in conjunction with existing customers to understand exactly what the industry wanted from a fluid management tool.

Data can be viewed instantly once it is uploaded, giving users access to make informed decisions on maintenance scheduling, production planning and other operational activities.

fluid management

As well as inputting the data Jemtech Fluid Analytics also helps users through the dipslide process, and advises on what concentration to top the machine up with, in order to maintain the coolant within the correct tolerance band, as recommended by your coolant supplier.

All of the automated devices run on Fluid Analytics which means that if customers have a mixture of systems, then all the data will be held in one place making it simple to manage and navigate.

The benefits

  • Working in partnership with you to protect your manufacturing environment
  • Visual management tool that allows you to demonstrate compliance with quality and HSE guidelines of your fluids and systems
  • Closer control minimising downtime and reduces the cost of maintenance, tools, scrap, rework and fluid
  • Real-time data handling helps you and your colleagues act quickly based on informed decisions
  • Software that has been developed with customers in the field to make sure it is user friendly and gives relevant information
  • Hosted software eliminating the cost for local development or I.T. system maintenance while maintaining secured access to key information.

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