Dust and dry smoke extraction
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Bag Compact®
Bag filter

Bag Compact dust and dry smoke extraction

The wide range of modular, self-cleaning Bag Compact® is ideal for medium-light applications

Polluted air goes into the bag filter through a pre-chamber that manages the separation of coarse particles; the flow then goes through the bag, depositing the contaminant outside of it, while clean air is discharged from the filter head.

A cyclical electronic panel sequentially cleans the bags with compressed air.
The filtering bags are supplied assembled on the filter with a compressed air washing system via a sequential cyclical panel. The Bag Compact filters are equipped with reinforced bottom and Snap-Ring fastening system. The fiber making up the bag is chosen based on the application. The bags are held in position by cut-proof, break-proof galvanized steel bag tension baskets.

Dust and dry smoke extraction

Advantages of Bag Compact® system


High efficiency

low noise

Low noise

healthier environment

Healthier work environment


Modular systems

high purification

High purification

save time and money

Reduced maintenance

Ideal applications

  • Plasma cutting
  • Marble cutting
  • Sandblasting
  • Grinding
  • Dry machining on tool machines
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Plastic material processing
  • Silo venting filters
ModelAirflow m3/hFiltering surface m2Filtration velocity m/sDimensions DxWxH mm
PCBAG020TV1500200.020850 x 900 x 3620
PCBAG040TV2500400.0171700 x 900 x 3620
PCBAG020TS1000-2250200.031850 x 900 x 3620
PCBAG040TS2000-4500400.0311700 x 900 x 3620
PCBAG060TS3000-7650600.0352550 x 900 x 3620
PCBAG080TS4000-9000800.0313400 x 900 x 3620
PCBAG100TS5000-112501000.0314250 x 900 x 3620
PCBAG120TS6000-135001200.0315100 x 900 x 3620

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