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Mist Compact MC02TV

1500m3/h MIST COMPACT V Series with built in fan

Mist Compact

Improve the working environment.

1500m3/h airflow, 1.5kw of power, 1800 Pa of static pressure and various input connection options.

Available with optional Electrical power board with Start & Stop or VFD, Absolute final filter (H11 or H13), Silencers & DP Led

Cutting Oils

Exceptionally high performance Blaser cutting oils

Jemtech advanced fluid management
Jemtech Fluid Management for CNC

Fluid Management

The intelligent and automated
fluid management system designed for your cutting fluid of choice

H-Filtration CNC air filters

Air Filtration

Air purification filters from CNC to full factory solutions

Jemtech advanced fluid management

Industrial Vacuums

Coolant / neat oil industrial vacuum range