Developed for use on aluminium and aluminium alloys Blaser Swisslube’s B-Cool 755 water miscible metalworking fluid is also proving to be advantageous when machining more difficult to machine alloys such as titanium.

These two material groups are normally at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to machining strategies, but with B-Cool 755 customers are experiencing increased tool life across the range of materials being machined. Other characteristics of this mineral oil-based metalworking fluid are its low foaming behaviour in soft and hard water environments. Further features of B-Cool 755 are its good anti-corrosion properties, excellent rinsing qualities, and the stability of the emulsion, the benefits of which are reduced machine maintenance and extended sump life of the coolant, both of which have a positive effect on reducing manufacturing costs.

“B-Cool 755 is proving to be a genuine all-rounder as well as providing an optimum solution for the machining of aluminium components for which it was created. The fact that machining strategies for aluminium and titanium are polar opposites has no influence on the performance of B-Cool 755 and the benefits of increased tool life and improved surface finishes are applicable to both material categories,” says Steve Coull, Managing Director, Jemtech (UK).

Typical of many Blaser Swisslube products, B-Cool 755 requires very low top up rates thanks to its refractometer factor of 1. This indicates that the water content of the concentrate is minimal and, therefore, much less concentrate is required for the initial fill and subsequent top up rates are reduced to around 1 per cent, delivering significant reductions in fluid use and costs.

B-Cool 755 is available in 25, 200 and 1000 litre containers and can be used successfully in stand-alone machine applications of in centralised coolant systems. Jemtech (UK) is happy to undertake an initial site survey, free of charge, as it recognises that to achieve the optimum performance from any metalworking fluid that the maintenance of metalworking fluids is equally important as that of maintaining the machine tools. “We are happy to work with any business where we can enter into discussions around productivity gains, lower costs and a safer working environment. By working in partnership with these customers we can ensure that their metalworking fluid will deliver considerable benefits, their employees are better deployed in the manufacturing process rather than looking after coolant, and there is a definite cost advantage through efficiency savings in allowing our team of experts to manage these fluids.”

With the support of Blaser Swisslube and Jemtech (UK) customers are benefitting from the enhanced performance of the Blaser range of metalworking fluids such as B-Cool 755